Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Night, One Day.

After that one night of bliss goin clubbing.
For two consecutive days.
*(which we didnt went for class on the first day)

Ended up, me being drunk and fuck'ed.
Nic being a red balloon and Adzhar endless horny-ness.
Great, end up laughing all the way back.=D

On a totally different sidenote,
I got myself a CAR!!!
But, gonna get it end of this year.
December or January 2009.

Of Honda CR-V,Kia Sportage,Toyota Avanza,Ford Escape,Nissan X-Trail,
Nissan Cefiro,Toyota Rush or Rav4??
*(Its not my fault my family can afford to buy and its not my fault too that im too tall to drive Myvi, Viva or Savvy. Got it??)

Tre bien.=D
Of Money and Coolies~

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