Friday, November 7, 2008

Genting and Happy Birthday to Adzhar.

Good thing is, having a friend does feels nice.
And I would like to dedicate it to Adzhar.

I know we didnt buy any gifts, but hope that our company here to celebrate with you is more than enough.=D

Tony Roma's.
With Ila,Ezaaar,Me,Chin Ling,Eyna Wayna,Ganesh,Nicholas Willison and Dinesh.

Happy 20th Birthday.=D
Hope whatever things you did in the past is forgiven by God.LOL

Went to genting celebrate with him.
We dont have class on that Friday.=D
Too bad I was cought up with an upset stomach.Fcuk!

Thanks to Eyna Wayna and Chin Ling too.
For the ride, jokes and our 'purple' stuffs.=D
Purple Forever!

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