Monday, November 17, 2008

Green, Purple and Pink. Whats Your Flava?

Of Green, Purple and Pink.
Which do you prefer?

Being what you are its not wrong.
Its life.
Be proud of it, and we only live once.

Who gives a shitt if those 'Green' people insult you.
At least we have diversity.
Were open minded.
We can go bothways.
Enjoy both at the same time~
Yup, go Purple!.
Muhibbah at its climax.LOL

And, thinking to wriggle around those 'Green' chicks.
Do that grinding dance on 'Green' chicks.
Rub their waiste and body on 'Green' chicks.
Sorry,ill pass.=D

Maybe its cool to talk about it,
Around your 'Green' friends.
Thinking its cool and macho to do that.
As manly as it can be~

God really do make the world pleasant.

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