Sunday, November 30, 2008

Remember, remember the 29th of November.

Went to Port Dickson with my chicks.
It was damn damn Fun.
Plus with some 'stuffs' and 'shitts'.
Thanks to you, bitches.=p

Until that fateful night.
How could you left us like that?
Without any notes, any letters, any sms'es.
Maybe, maybe its just your time.

We gonna miss you,
like hell we are going to~
How we used to hang out, smile, laughs, crapping and getting drunk.
Now, it will never be the same without you.
Days pass by like falling star through a blurry snow.

Still, I wonder how does the world goes around?
Just like a star?
I dont argue like this.
We do it all the time.
Blowing you out of my mind.
Its not as simple as it seems.

Heaven is away far too long.
Time, to say goodbye...

A special dedication to
a person who always 'Sial la lu Fai',
and 'pukimak la lu Fai', in my life.
*(Obviously he meant it in a good way,duhh!)

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